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U-PIC, Fresh or Frozen Berries are Great for Use in:

*   Jams and Jellies  *  Wine Making  *  Pies or Baking  *  Daily Healthy use  *

Call/Text Raeanne 306-921-8265 or E-mail renouffarms@gmail.com to order

We've got it! Haskap Jam, Haskap Pie Filling and Haskap Puree!! 
We've been getting rave reviews on our great products so you need to try some soon
Cash, Cheque or E-transfer work well. E-mail for E-transfer only is r.r@sasktel.net
Our products now available at the following stores in Saskatchewan!
See below for product details!!

40 ml. Single Serving Sizes

Perfect for gift baskets, Party Favors and Wedding memories!!
$ 4.50 Each - call for personalized labels ( extra )
New web page with details coming soon!
Click here to see page when done!

new 40 ml

     Or directly from us - farm to you!
             Frozen Haskap Berries
     For the 1 pound pouch  $12  -  2 lb is $ 24 Plus shipping

  1 & 2 pound pouches - ( see picture )
  We have Aurora, Beauty, Beast & Blizzard
  available if you have a preference. 

  Honey Bee and Indigo Gem by request.
  Also available in larger bags by request. 
  25 pounds and up qualify for bulk pricing @  $11/lb
  Call for pricing on larger orders!   

  Be careful where you drop these berries
  as their color is amazing
and can leave their
  imprint on fingers or counters!

frozen pouches

  Haskap Jam: 500 ml $12.00  250 ml - $8.00

  Enjoy these wonderful berries made into a
  very tasty, healthy jam for yourself, but this year
  we've had many very happy customers using these
  as gift items for Christmas, Birthdays, House
  warmings, you name it.  Be creative!!  Give a
  healthy gift of locally grown products!  An excellent
  source of Vitamin C and Antioxidants as each
  jar is packed with berries!

  To order Call Raeanne at 306-921-8265 or email at                            renouffarms@gmail.com


  Haskap Pie Filling & Topping - 500 ml - $8.00

  Commercial sizes available!  In addition to the obvious
  delicious pies & tarts that you can make with our
  Haskap Pie Filling - the limit of your imagination for
  the use of our smooth and luscious dark purple topping
  depends on YOU!  We suggest it is a lovely addition
  to your ice cream, waffles, smoothies, yogurt, cheesecake
  or specialty desserts.  An excellent source of Vitamin C
  and Antioxidants.  Limited sugar.

  To order Call Raeanne at 306-921-8265 or email at                            renouffarms@gmail.com

pie filling

  Haskap Puree - 500 ml - $17.00

  ALL NATURAL - NO SUGAR ADDED!  Great for diabetics!! 
  Just the wholesome goodness of pure Haskap berries. 
  Use it as a medicinal version serving of fruit and take it by
  the tablespoon or better yet enjoy it's amazing color
  and excellent source of Antioxidants & Vitamin C.
  Pour it on your pancakes & waffles, or add to
  smoothies or yogurt, drizzle it on your ice cream, brighten
  up your baking with some color or just be creative! 
  Shake before use!

  To order Call Raeanne at 306-921-8265 or email at                            renouffarms@gmail.com

  Enjoy all these wonderful berries and fruit made into a
  very tasty, healthy jam or jelly for yourself, but this year
  we've also had many very happy customers using these
  as gift items for Christmas, birthdays, house
  warmings, or whatever else you choose.

 Raspberry Jam              500 ml - $12           250 ml - $8
 Apple Jelly                     500 ml - $12           250 ml - $8
 Chokecherry Jelly          500 ml - $12           250 ml - $8
 Chokecherry Syrup        500 ml - $12           250 ml - $8
 Haskap Jam                   500 ml - $12           250 ml - $8

Thanks!! and we really appreciate your business!
We'd love to have you come back and see us again!


HASKAPS - Various sizes and varieties available - always delicious!


INDIGO GEM                                                                                                                        BLIZZARD

 U-PIC SASKATOONS $ 20 per Ice cream pail
  Pick 3 get the 4th for FREE!

  Already picked Frozen Saskatoons,
  ice cream pail equivalent -bagged @ $30
  (pretty much sold out but always next year!)
  Fresh Saskatoons in season - same deal!  
  Text or email to place your order for fresh or frozen
  berries if you don't have  any time available for picking. 
  We have a booth at the Melfort Farmers Market
  during late July & August to buy these.
Watch for new Saskatoon Berry Pie Filling & Topping
  next season and maybe Jam too.

saskatoon berries

   U-PIC RASPBERRIES $ 20 / Ice cream pail
   for every pail but well worth it! 

  Frozen Raspberries - ice cream pail  bagged @ $40

  Fresh Raspberries in season - same deal!
  Text or e-mail to place your order for fresh or frozen berries
  if you don't have time available for picking.
  Usually available at our booth at Melfort Farmers Market
  during July & August.  
  Home made Raspberry Jam available as well - delicious.
  To order Call Raeanne at 306-921-8265 or email at                           


   U-PIC Chokecherries - great for wine! $ $20/
   Ice cream pail.

  Frozen Chokecherries - ice cream pail equivalent -
  bagged @ $30 or bulk @ $5/lb as great for making
  wine, jelly or syrup year round.  We have added
  both of these to our product line by request.


  Also Jelly and Syrup available in limited quantities
  but delicious all year round!!


  Frozen Rhubarb - bagged  @ $5/lb

  Fresh Rhubarb in season also $5/lb

  Sealed in large flat freezer bags they hardly take up
  any room at all in your freezer and can be used
  over many months to make healthy pies and crisps.

   To order Call Raeanne at 306-921-8265 or email at                           renouffarms@gmail.com

Sea Buckthorn
As we grew we planted sea buckthorn trees to act as a wind barrier.
We expect them to produce fruit this year (2022) and if they do
we may have another tart yet delicious berry to
keep your love of locally grown fruit alive!
Interesting Health Benefits described here:


Sea Buckthorn have a unique flavour that is tart and sour
yet can quickly become an acquired taste much like lemons.
They are full of antioxidants and vitamin C and
all the
Omegas – 3, 6, 9 and the rare 7 hence are very healthy.

We have available a 
great 3 L rectangular
plastic container with lid for $ 3!
  It will find many, many uses in the kitchen.
Or better yet fill it up with your favorite
variety of Haskap berries for $ 40.00 !!

We have heavy duty
picking pails available for $ 5

How to find us!
From Renouf Farms orchards to you! We are located near MELFORT and proudly serve beautiful NE Saskatchewan!
Simply proceed 3 miles west of Melfort on Hwy #3 and go north 2 1/2 miles on Mount Forest Road
to the Renouf Farm and Flatlands Paintball sign!

We also have a Paintball business
for you to enjoy - see it here!

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